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Healthy Weight Management

I recently attended Westminster Health Forum policy conference, Next steps for healthy weight management in England - the new obesity strategy, primary care interventions, innovation in support and public engagement, and the role of industry and technology, 9th September 2020, to hear plans and debate around the government’s obesity strategy. Read more

Commissioning Healthcare Post COVID-19

COVID-19 will fundamentally change the way the NHS deliver services, and how they are commissioned.  We have seen this in practice with the use of digital solutions to keep services running during the pandemic.  The NHS is currently undergoing a reorganization, and the deadline for all of England to be part of an Integrated Care System (ICS) by April 2021 remains in place.  Read more

Environmental Sustainability in Healthcare: Post COVID-19 and the “New Normal”

I recently attended the Westminster Health Forum policy conference Environmental sustainability in healthcare - drivers for change, incentives and measurement, and priorities for the NHS, 2nd July 2020.  The NHS has had to undergo a dramatic transformation in order to continue delivering healthcare to the population during COVID-19.  A scale of change, like never before, has been achieved in a very short time, with the potential for a more environmentally sustainable health service going forward. Read more

Tackling Health Inequalities for Children and Young People

11th May, 2020, Westminster Food and Nutrition Forum hosted a conference, Children’s food and nutrition in England - next steps for policy and industry practice on obesity prevention, innovation, and tackling inequalities, looking at how the government are performing on their commitment to halve childhood obesity by 2030.  Read more

Safe Environments for Kids to Stream Content Online

On 28th February, 2020, Westminster Media forum hosted a policy conference on Children’s media in the UK – funding, commissioning, and adapting to changing viewing habits. One of the biggest challenges facing parents is how to keep their children safe when streaming content online. Read more

COVID-19: Using Data to Drive the Response

This week, Westminster eForum hosted a policy conference on The future for sharing and portability of consumer data - enabling data-driven innovation, safeguards, and the impact of the Smart Data Review, 31st March 2020.  In light of the current pandemic, this blog will cover the role that digital platforms and data sharing will play to keep the population safe and help the government and Public Health England on the front line. Read more

Data Protection Regulation in the UK

I recently attended Westminster eForum policy conference, The future of data protection regulation in the UK, 25th February 2020, to hear about the future safeguarding of personal data for individuals living in the UK.  Following on from a seminar in May last year discussing the National Data Strategy, the issues surrounding the harvesting and monetisation of personal data are as yet unresolved, it is a work in progress. Read more

Online Advertising and How It Works

I recently attended the Westminster Media Forum policy conference, Regulation of advertising tech in the UK, 28th January 2020.  On 20th June 2019, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) released their Update report into adtech and real time bidding. The ICO are the regulator in the UK responsible for data protection and, because adtech and real time bidding (RTB) use personal data to advertise to consumers, the ICO are looking into the adtech sector and RTB as a priority. Read more

Protecting Children Through Online Regulation

I recently attended Westminster Media Forum policy conference Revision of the Audiovisual Media Services Directive – funding and prominence, consumer protection, and the UK’s position post-Brexit, 21st January 2020, to hear about what the revisions to the directive mean for UK residents and what kind of changes we should expect in the months ahead.  I am particularly interested in how regulators will approach the protection of children and young people from harmful content they encounter online. Read more

Preserving the Value of Public Service Broadcasting

I recently attended The future of UK broadcasting - content production, market dynamics, and priorities for policy and regulation, 26th November 2019, at the Westminster Media Forum.  The blog considers the value of Public Service Broadcasting and how their service differs from global streaming services. Public Service Broadcasting (PSB) provides significant value to the UK economy.  It encompasses radio, television and other electronic-media outlets who produce content to inform, educate, and entertain as a public service.  Read more