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Q&A Dental Contract Reform, Dentistry Show,28th Feb 2014.
Hygienists & Therapists Symposium - Direct Access- one year on, Dentistry Show, 1st March 2014
Hygienists & Therapists Symposium “ Impact of Direct Access- one year on”, Dentistry Show, 1st March 2014
Dental Contract Reform, Dentistry Show, Feb 2014.
Q &A Hygienists and Therapists Symposium
Mouthcare Matters, a programme for training and education for improving oral health for elderly patients in hospital. Presented at Health and Care Innovation Expo2016, September 8th, Manchester, UK.
With introduction by Sara Hurley, Chief Dental Officer, England.Smile4 Life was developed in partnership with local authorities across Cumbria and Lancashire to embed oral health improvement messages in children oral health.
full video recording of a presentation at Health and Care Innovation Expo2016
Presentation by Eric Rooney, Deputy Chief Dental Officer, NHS England
Video for 'The Good Practitioners Guide to Periodontology