Reporting launch of 'Smile for Life' at Camp Expo 2016  4pm Wed 7th September, Health and Care Innovation Expo2016, Manchester Central, Manchester.

'Smile for Life’, a national programme to improve dental health through better coordinated care and empowering communities to implement their own sustainable oral health initiatives

07/09/2016, 16:00 - 16:45

Pop-up Uni 7


Presented by:
Sara Hurley - Chief Dental Officer, NHS England; Jasmine Murphy -Consultant in Public Health, Leicester City Council; Melanie Smith - Health Care Public Health Project Support Manager (Dental)

The session will underline key national support for existing community based projects, a hub for sharing best practices across Local Government Authority areas and ensuring that local oral health initiatives are complemented by innovative commissioning approaches within local NHS England Commissioning Teams and supported by the profession. The initial focus is “Early Years/ under 5’s” with the aim to provide opportunities for families and children to establish good oral health habits as a daily norm, be it nursery school or at home. With encouragement and ease of access to dental care professionals, first check up by age 1 and opportunity to continue to visit the dental team regularly for age–appropriate preventive advice and help to ensure problems are identified early and the prospect of a generation of children free from decay becomes increasingly real.