‘Putting the mouth back in the body’

08/09/2016, 15:00 - 16:00

Health and Care Innovation Expo 2016, Manchester Central, Manchester England

Satellite event

Presented by:
Mili Doshi - Consultant in Special Care Dentistry, Surrey & Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust; Sara Hurley - Chief Dental Officer, NHS England; Philip Preshaw - Professor of Periodontology, Newcastle University

This highly interactive session brings an evidence-based concept of making oral health an integral part of general health. The topic of the first half of the session, ‘Mouth Care Matters’, is an initiative utilizing dental care professionals to improve the oral health of hospitalized adult patients. Good oral hygiene practices are essential in hospital to ensure the maintenance of good oral health and in turn, good general health, which saves a lot of NHS funded care.

The latter half of the session draws upon the effects of periodontal diseases (gingivitis and periodontitis) due to diabetes. People with diabetes have a three-fold increased risk of developing periodontitis compared with those without the condition. Many people with diabetes are unaware of this increased risk and may have undetected gingivitis or periodontitis due to the painless nature of the diseases, and diagnosis and treatment in this population is often delayed or absent. There is a need for greater awareness of the relationship between periodontal disease and diabetes in both people with diabetes and members of their healthcare delivery teams.