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Blackpool Council approved a scheme to provide fluoridated  milk to over 8000 school children to tackle poor oral health in Blackpool

FDI is calling for financial support for amalgam phase down.

On 20th March 2016 World Oral Health Day 5000 children in Hanoi Run for Smilerace

FDI World Dental Federation developed Mad Mouths  a global video and free smart phone game on Google Play https://play.... Read More

The Chancellor in his March 2016 budget announced new sugar taxt on soft drinks in the UK. Good news for children oral health.and obesity

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Daily Telegraph report "Brushing teeth regularly could ward off  Alzeihmer "


Dental health in England is improving, yet there are significant challenges to face


NHS dental charges in England will increase by 5% on 1st April 2016

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Are we Getting Better at Caring for Our Teeth?

UK oral health is improving, for more


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