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What is a forum?

A tool for discussion and asking questions on specific topics. It empower users to create content and connect with each other. Forum posts work differently from the blogs. Every time there is a new answer, it brings the question back to the top of the front page.

Before you create a new forum post, it is  a good idea to see if someone  has already created a related topic that you can add to. It is a collaborative approach to sharing knowledge and learning.

Join 2020Dentistry Forum  and contribute to the on going debate.  Dental conferences/exhibitions, seminars and other sources for content for our data mining and web crawling.




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Dec 13, 2013

<p>pilot dental teams are welcome to build a forum to discuss the skills mix for dental care teams</p>
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Dec 13, 2013

<p>Join the 2020Dentistry Forum to connect with&nbsp;Dental Practice Journal readers and visitors to the Dentistry show</p>

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