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BDA Conference - Saturday28th May2016

The sun shone down on the Manchester Central building, where thousands of GDC Registrants flocked to hear about the latest innovations in Dentistry, Seminars, CPD Sessions and not forgetting those freebies being handed out! There was a buzz in the air and the biggest names in dentistry took centre stage when entering the impressive arena. I eagerly took my lanyard and goodie bag and off I went. Read more


Oral Health Inequalities in Scotland

Recently I attended an interesting presentation by Professor Peter Mossey, Dundee University on"Oral Health Inequalities" at the Scottish Dental Show, 2016 Glasgow 13-14 May Read more


Irn Bru and the Sugar Tax

I recently came across this article talking about how the sugar tax will affect AG Barr - the makers of the fizzy drink Irn Bru which is particularly popular in Scotland. In the article, the firm confirm their profits are up 7% this year and do not think Osborne’s sugar tax will have much of an effect on their business. They say ‘brand loyalty’ will continue to drive demand. The sugar tax itself will not be introduced for another 2 years, but it will be levied into two bands: Read more